EVS project in Turkey!

Location: Karaman, Turkey  

Name of the project: “Be Volunteer For Youth”

Project coordinating Organization –   Karaman Youth Club NGO www.karamanyouth.org

Purpose of the project: to do youth and social activities with other local volunteers in the

university, to do youth and social activities with other local volunteers in local, to planning

new activities, to attend languages courses organized by KYC, to do sports activities with

children and young people, joining activities with disabled children, basically to be part of KYC


Duration of project: 10.04.2019 – 09.06.2019

Deadline: 4 April 2019

How to apply? – Please fill the APPLICATION

Sending Organization: Common Sense Youth Organization | www.csyo-az.org| evs@csyo-az.org

All costs cover by Erasmus+.

No participation fee!

Language: English and Turkish

Voluntary operation time and project activities: Working hours are flexible and adapted to the schedule of the target institutions and guarantee a maximum of 36 working hours per week for the volunteer, with the schedule of 6 hours per day/5 days per week, to plan and evaluate the schedule of the Volunteer’s daily work. Each volunteer is entitled to receiving 2 free days/week (typically weekends but in case that an activity requires work on the weekend the volunteer will be free in the next days). Volunteers responsible to encourage local young people to volunteer by recognizing the importance of being, to support intercultural collaborations, to break stereotypes, to promote intercultural convergence, to contribute to capacity building, organizational skills, communication in bilateral human relations between EVS volunteers and organizations, to provide benefit to  local young people by doing effective social responsibility projects and etc.

Financing of the project: KYC will host the volunteers in rented apartments in the city center of Karaman. Accommodation will assure good living conditions (private beds with sharing rooms with 2, equipped kitchen and bathroom, heating system, running cold/ hot water, Wi-Fi..). Hosting organization will provide a ticket for local transport. The monthly amount paid to the volunteer is 80€ food money and 88€ pocket money. This amount is due for the complete duration of the service (including free days, holidays, weekends and days off for EVS meetings and trainings). The volunteer’s allowance is paid on a monthly basis.  Grant accorded for travel costs is a maximum 275€ per participant.

Volunteers permissions: They are allowed on Saturdays, Sundays and other public holidays in Turkey. National Holidays are usually counted as extra days off