Short term EVS project in Poland!

Location: Kleszczele, Poland

Name of project: COOL WERTEP TEAM

Hosting Organization – Stowarzyszenie Kulturalne „Pocztówka”

Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Purpose of project: Working in theatre, helping to organize the International Theatre Festival in Poland.

Number of volunteers: 1 volunteer between 18-30 years old (Only Azerbaijani citizenship)

Project period  – 10/06/2019 to 10/08/2019 (2 months)

Deadline: 04 April 2019

How to apply?Each candidate need to send a CV, a motivation letter explaining why they want to volunteer with us ( this should not be a general letter saying why they want to do EVS) and completed TO:  CC:

All costs are covered by Erasmus+

No participation fee!

Language: Turkish, English (English not obligatory but, we can prefer an English speaking volunteer for helping office tasks)

Application conditions and requirements for volunteering: We will need working people with knowledge in technical and electric staff; Besides, people with theatre experience is very welcome because you can have the opportunity to play your performance at the festival or take part in our theatre activities; Also, people with artistic experience and handcraft are welcome as you can have the opportunity to take part in building an artistic installation in urban space and in the forest, and the creation of festival advertisements in the urban space.

Accommodation and transport arrangements: The volunteers will live in an agroturistic home in Hajnówka, 2-3 person in one room. We will provide them with money for food and pocket money (standard way in EVS). As well as the cost of the travel to come from their countries to Poland and return. The association is based in Hajnówka, a small town in Podlasie, a unique region in East Poland with rich history and traditions, surrounded by the beautiful Białowieza Forest. Living in a small town can be really challenging sometimes, but with your help, we can contribute to keeping the community alive organizing artistic activities and events.

Training and activities during the project: We offer types of activities for volunteers: Theatre: show us your spectacle/happening/action or take part in our performances; External installation: cooperation with a Polish urban space designer. A field to show off: the green area around the Hajnówka Centralna building and graffiti on the walls; Upcycle and promotion of the festival: creation and implementation of advertisements will inform with a fun design way about the festival; Technical team, that is a package of logistic works during the assembly and disassembly of performances, help for artists, support for sound and lighting, etc.