Youth on Climate litigation

Youth on Climate litigation

The project aims to promote youth participation and raise awareness in legal challenges on environmental matters, to mobilize young people to be actively engaged in policy and decision making, to equip participants with tools and knowledge to be able to advocate for their rights and involvement in the process of creating, implementation and intervention in the field of environmental law and further the implementation and enforcement of existing legal obligations stemming from international, EU and national environmental law. 

The project is focused on 3 main issues as follows:

  • A lack of ambition and weak implementation of environmental policy in Central Europe 
  • Climate crisis with dire consequences
  • A lack of awareness and underrepresentation of youth on legal avenues.

The beneficiaries of the project are youth and our actions together with our partners will be divided into 4 main parts: 

  • Online sessions – informative webinars; 
  • Study sessions – workshops, study visits and case studies; 
  • Local actions – projects of each participating group; 
  • Evaluation. 

By means of above-mentioned actions following outcomes are expected: 

  • Raise awareness on climate crisis, climate change litigation, legal tools and major threats – Connect youth activists from developed and less developed countries and regions to form a strong network 
  • Develop advocacy competencies, communication skills with relevant stakeholders and strategic planning to implement successful advocacy plans. 
  • To ensure the involvement of young people in the decision and policy-making processes

Target group: 

  • Youth Activists
  • Young lawyers
  • Volunteers with expertise
  • Stakeholders
  • Decision-makers
  • Policy makers
  • Local community of participating countries


Project financed by
International Visegrad Fund.





Project Donor:

International Visegrad Fund

Project partners:

Youth and Environment Europe (CZ), International Center for Peace and Integration (GEO), Planet For Generations (PL), V4SDG (HU)

Project Duration :

1 January 2022 - 31 March 2023

Direction :

Environmental protection, Sustainable development, Climate change, Human rights


Budapest (Hungary), Sumgait (Azerbaijan)


May 25, 2021


Bitmiş, Davam edən


Climate change environment Human rights Sustainable development

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