Short-Term Volunteering Project in Türkiye!

Location: Gaziantep, Türkiye

Project name: Together We’re Better (short-term)


Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Purpose of the project: We are looking for Volunteers to work with diverse target groups at the Red Cross in Portugal. The target groups include · Children and Youth · Elderly People · People with disabilities · General Community (Environment & Sustainability, Sports & Physical Exercise, Local Heritage & Culture). Some of the tasks carried out by Volunteers include preparation and implementation of leisure time activities with target groups, supporting Laundry or Kitchen Services, helping with maintenance, and assisting Staff with monitoring the children or elderly people. 

Volunteers between 18-30 years old (Only Azerbaijani citizenship)

Project period – 15/07/2024 to 11/09/2024

Deadline: There is no deadline, so apply as soon as possible!!

Please get a registration number, and apply through the European Youth Portal (click the link). 

! A CV is required in order to apply for this opportunity.


Accommodation rooms are organized for 2 persons. Nutrition needs will be provided by our organization in our facilities and three meals will be provided during the day. In addition, the amount of travel support specified in the 2023 ESC application guide will be provided according to the distance band. If necessary, the visa, residence permit, and other exceptional expenses of the participants will also be covered by our organization.


Participants will develop their creativity, use of technology, teamwork, and time management. They will be guided by mentors and experts who will provide a social scientific perspective to improve their problem-solving skills. Topics such as digital transformation, new media, environmental sustainability, green skills, and democratic participation will also form part of the training. All training processes will be planned together in line with the needs of the participating volunteer. In addition, the participant will determine which training he/she wants to receive. 


Ability to participate effectively in group work, flexible and open to co-operation Active and effective communication skills, Capable of adapting to innovations and changes, High sense of social responsibility, sensitive to individuals at different levels, Have different skills and interests (arts, sports, science, technology, language, environment, etc.) 

How to get a registration number? – If you don’t have an account on the European Youth Portal, please watch our instruction videos from this Link

All costs are covered by the European Solidarity Corps

No participation fee! 

Language: English

Sending Organization Information 

Name of the sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organisation 

OID number: E10200624

City and country of your sending organization: Sumgait, Azerbaijan

Person in charge (name and surname): Ramiz Aliyev

E-mail of the person in charge: