Long-Term Volunteering Project in Lithuania!

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Project name: Zoology Museum Curator’s Assistant

Hosting organization: VILNIAUS UNIVERSITETAS

Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Purpose of the project: Vilnius University Museum of Zoology is the oldest scientific museum of zoology in Lithuania and one of the oldest in Europe. This museum has a rich historical past and showcases a diverse range of vertebrates and invertebrates. The Zoology Museum Curator’s Assistant will work closely with the curator to assist in the maintenance and organization of the museum’s zoology collection. Responsibilities may include cataloging specimens, researching animal species, assisting with exhibit preparation, and engaging with museum visitors to provide information about the collection. This position offers a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in zoology and museum curation while contributing to the preservation and education of natural history. If you are good with social media and managing websites – it’s a plus! We would like for the volunteer to help publicize the museum’s work.

Volunteers between 18-30 years old (Only Azerbaijani citizenship)

Project period – 01/10/2024 to 31/05/2025

Deadline: 01/08/2024 00:00

Please get a registration number, and apply through the European Youth Portal (click the link). 

! A CV is required in order to apply for this opportunity.


As a volunteer in Vilnius, you will have the opportunity to be hosted in a comfortable flat alongside other like-minded volunteers who share your passion for community service. You will have your own private room, providing a space for rest and relaxation. You will also get: – a monthly bus card; – a monthly stipend for food and pocket money; – a team of dedicated professionals, including a mentor for personal support, a project coordinator to help you get the most out of your experience, and a tutor from the hosting organization to guide you every step of the way.


Maximize your potential and make the most of your volunteer experience with our comprehensive support system! As a volunteer, you will receive On-Arrival and Mid-Term trainings organized by the National Agency, as well as regular meetings with our dedicated Coordinating Organization. We understand that reflection is key to personal growth, which is why hosting organizations offer regular reflection sessions. These sessions provide a safe and supportive environment to share your experiences, learn from one another, and grow both personally and professionally.


We are looking for a young person who: – has a biology/zoology background, – is not afraid of hard work, – has stable hands (many items are fragile, so they need to be handled with care), – is detail-oriented (preparing an exhibit is no joke, everything must be correct), – is creative. It is important to note that a person must have no allergies since working with exhibits involves dust! 

How to get a registration number? – If you don’t have an account on the European Youth Portal, please watch our instruction videos from this Link

All costs are covered by the European Solidarity Corps

No participation fee! 

Language: English

Sending Organization Information 

Name of the sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organisation 

OID number: E10200624

City and country of your sending organization: Sumgait, Azerbaijan

Person in charge (name and surname): Ramiz Aliyev

E-mail of the person in charge: evs@csyo-az.org