Location: Terrassa, Spain

Projects’ Names: 

• Youth work, cultural dynamization, and radio

• Visual communication and youth work

• International Mobility Projects, Youth Work and NFE

• Leisure, Sports, and Enhancing the autonomy of people with mental disability

• Leisure, Occupational Activities, Social Inclusion

• Occupation, Leisure, and social inclusion – Adults with disabilities

• Leisure, Sport Activities, Social Inclusion – Adults with disabilities

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Hosting organizations: Prodis

Taller Jeroni de Moragas S.C.C.L.

LaFACT Fupar

La Víbria Intercultural

Sending organisation: “Common Sense” Youth Organisation

Purpose of the project:
– There are seven different projects. Find more info via the related project’s link. The links are below.

Number of volunteers: 15 volunteers between 18-30 years old (Only Azerbaijani citizenship) for 7 different projects

Project period – A total of 47 week(s) during the period 09/09/2024 to 09/08/2025

Deadline: 15/07/2024

How to apply? Please get a registration number, apply through the European Youth Portal, and Fill out the Application Forms below: (click the link)

La Vibria Intercultural

1 volunteer for International Mobility Projects, Youth Work, and NFE

1 volunteer for Cultural dynamization, Radio, and Youth work

1 volunteer for Visual communication and Youth work


2 volunteers for Occupation, Leisure, and social inclusion – Adults with mental disabilities

2 volunteers for Leisure, Sports activities, and social inclusion – Adults  with mental disabilities

La Fact-Fupar

5 volunteers for Leisure, Sports, and Psychosocial adjustment activities – Adults  with mental disabilities

Jeroni de Moragas

2 volunteers for Leisure, Occupational Activities, and Social Inclusion – Adults  with mental disabilities

How to get a registration number? – If you don’t have an account on European Youth
please watch our instruction videos from this Link

All costs are covered by the European Solidarity Corps

Accommodation, food, and transport arrangements: 

  • The volunteer’s travel costs are covered both ways: from a country of origin to Spain when the volunteering starts, and from Spain to the country of origin when the volunteering ends. There is a maximum budget depending on the distance and is higher if the volunteer does green travel (sustainable transport such as train or bus),
  • Maximum travel reimbursement for Azerbaijan: 275 €
  • You will stay at a house with other volunteers. At the house, all facilities are available (hot water, natural gas, etc)
  • You will take 325€/month Pocket and food money.
  • There is a total of 15 volunteers in Terrassa, and they are divided into 3 flats. Each one of them is fully equipped, and are all in the central area. The flats are all more or less a 15/20 minutes walk from the workplaces/train station, some rooms are private and others are shared by up to two people. Some bikes will be available to use and share with the other volunteers in the flats.

Application conditions and requirements for volunteering: 

✔ Between 18 and 30 years;
✔ Fast-learner
✔ team worker
✔ Flexible
✔ Communicative and sociable.

Sending organization information 

Name of the sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organisation 

OID number: E10200624

City and country of your sending organization: Sumgait, Azerbaijan

Person in charge (name and surname): Ramiz Aliyev

E-mail of the person in charge: evs@csyo-az.org