Partner organization from Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Participants per country: 4  participants 

Erasmus+ 2- stage TC: 1st stage – 14-22 January 2024, Czech Republic/
2nd stage – 18-27 May 2024, Italy 

Deadline – 02.11.2023 (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email)

Transport cost for Azerbaijan330 Euro (this cost is considered to be spent for economical and environmental tickets. It is not for personal use!)

NOTE: 100% of the accommodation, food and transportation during the project will be covered with the support of Erasmus+. 

How to apply: Please read all information before completing the application

Please read more about the project in the info pack

The project:

The project TWISTER is the 2nd run of the methodology created 5 years ago for youth workers and young people so they can develop their communication skills and other skills that are directly connected to communication. As this is the 2nd run we have altered the methodology and filled its gaps and extended the time of the project to better address needs. In this project we will focus on general development of our communication skills as they are described in objectives, for being a good communicator requires mastering different areas of communication including ourselves.

Specific Objectives:

Communication – Let’s explore the world of communication. How to better form our ideas, how to play with words and how to be able to connect to others. Main goal of communication is to connect and create mutual understanding. So let’s work on it together.

Awareness – Here. Now. In this very moment. The place, me and others. Being able to perceive things how they are, being aware of surroundings and what is happening around. But. What if you close your eyes? Let’s explore what awareness can really mean.

Presentational skills – To convey message in front of an audience has been becoming more present in our daily lives. Whether we have to stand in front of class, colleagues or youth, we have to be able to get their attention, keep it and transfer our idea so everyone understands it. And that is a real challenge.

Team work – This can be seen as result of good communication. We often try to do things by ourselves, though in unity lies the power. And if we are able to work together well, we can achieve great things.

Creativity – What is it mistake if not another version of success? If you want to be creative, you need to be ready to make a mistake. So let’s explore together where is our limit for creativity.

Participants profile

  • Age above 18.
  • Readiness and availability to involve in project, participate actively and be willing and open to contribute to mutual work.
  • People working with youngsters and are motivated and committed to support their personal development.
  • Those, who are interested in coaching, mentoring and interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Those, who are motivated to involve and develop new Erasmus+ projects after the Training Courses.