Partner organization from Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Participants per country: 3 participants (1 experienced youth worker and 2 newcomers/young people)

Erasmus+ TC – 17 – 25 September 2023

Deadline – 20.08.2023 (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email)

Transport cost for Azerbaijan – 275 Euro (this cost is considered to be spent for economical and environmental tickets. It is not for personal use!)

NOTE: 100% of the accommodation, food and transportation during the project will be covered with the support of Erasmus+.

How to apply: Please read all information clearly before filling out the application.

Please read more about the project below:

The project:

Sport is considered an important mass education tool and it is a new branch of science that determines the human character, ego, behavioural quality and psychic structure, as well as improves the human body in terms of physical aspects; it’s recognized by the UN as a basic human right. Sport Methodologies increase their effect day by day on social studies performed as a tool, not a purpose. As a youth organization established in 2010 that has a direct connection with the target groups, the fact that our youth workers and volunteers, which we consider as the internal capacity of our organization, use sport as a tool for empowerment, especially in the international scale observes the lack of support mechanisms is seen as a major problem. Therefore, we would like to exchange further ideas and practices on how we can combine Education Through Sports activities focusing on the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals and Key competencies. This project holds a special place in our hearts as it aims to foster a dynamic exchange of knowledge, methodologies, and specific techniques among youth organizations from not only European Program Countries but also Partner Neighboring Countries. Together, we will explore the vast potential that sports and youth work offer in creating sustainable societies.

Specific Objectives:

-To ensure that experienced youth workers from Program Countries and Partner Countries share their know-how and specific methods in three main subjects as Usage of sport in EU Youth Work, European Values through Sport and Active Citizenship, Volunteering through Sport and Social Change

-Deepening the link between United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(UNSDGs) and sports and creating concrete action plans

-Ensuring the public-civil cooperation to emphasize the significance of Sports for Sustainable Development and Sports as a fundamental human right (There will be a seminar implemented on the 23rd of September 2023 at the beginning of European Week of Sport.)

-With references to SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 17: Partnerships for Goals; creating the international support mechanism of “Sport for Sustainable Development” to exchange the good practices after the project’s lifetime

Participants profile:

The project invites both Experienced Youth Workers and Volunteers/youth workers active in organizations but not involved in international activities due to economic barriers.

The profile of the experienced youth workers to be involved from each country is as follows:

-have at least 3 years of experience in empowerment/inclusion of disadvantaged groups;

-have fluent English which will ensure her/his active participation in the session;

-have used Non-formal Education Methodologies in previous studies and are motivated to work in the field of sustainable development goals;

-regularly work locally with participants, and organize workshops or trainings.

The profile of the young people to be involved from each country is as follows:

-Not having participated in a project abroad before;

-To have fluent English which will ensure her/his active participation in the session;

-Having volunteering experience for or being motivated to participate in the activities to be carried out for combating the social problems of sport at the local level.