Short-term volunteering in Turkey!

Project Name: Be Volunteer Be Aware – 2

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Project period – 01.09.2023 – 01.11.2023 (2 months)

Hosting organization: Yedi İklim Culture Art Education Science and Solidarity Association

Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Number of volunteers: 6 volunteers between 18-30 years old for youth 

Deadline: 12 August 2023

Purpose of the project: 

  • To ensure communication and cooperation between our volunteers coming from abroad within the scope of the project, the target audience of our association who are young people and children 
  • Contributing to the creation of a youth profile that adopts the common values of Europe
  • To support young people with limited opportunities to gain self-confidence, self-respect, and help them to easily adapt to society
  • To add new dimension to the volunteering activities of our association and to encourage local youth to  volunteering activities through our volunteers from abroad and to increase the volunteering
  • activities in the local area

Activites during the project

  • Ensuring that volunteers will take courses on visual design
  • Designing social media pages
  • Making online or face-to-face speaking club activities

Participants profile:

We are looking for volunteers, who will be suitable for teamwork, excel at social media management, have communication skills and can participate in studies on disadvantaged children and disabled people.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

  • Maximum travel reimbursement for Azerbaijan: 275 €
  • You will stay at a house with other volunteers. At the house, all facilities are available (hot water, natural gas, etc)
  • You will take 4 € each day for pocket day
  • You will take 100 € each month for food

How to apply?

How to get a registration number?If you don’t have account on European Youth Portal, please watch our instruction videos from this Link

All costs are covered by European Solidarity Corps

No participation fee! 

Language: English & Turkish

Yedi Iklim Culture Art Education and Solidarity Association

Yedi Iklim Culture Art Education and Solidarity Association was established in 2013 as a non-profit non-governmental organization. In the establishment of public sector, private sector, free – working people from all walks were employed in accordance with the phenomenon of civil society. Our association was founded on the concept of culture, art (historical work, place of worship, stone wood, traditional handicraft, calligraphy, marbling, gilding etc.). Using the field of culture and the arts, it was also established to increase activities and make projects about the employment of young people, to make projects about physicaland spiritual health of society, to protect the health of the elderly, to make projects related to protection of environment and natural life, to teach, research, examine at the areas of traditional handicraft ,stone wood, marbling to disadvantaged groups. We work at these areas with disadvantaged groups.

Sending organization

“Common Sense” Youth Organization, E-mail: