Partner organization from Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Participants per country: 3 participants

Erasmus+ TC – 03.10.2023 – 10.10.2023

Deadline – For filling application form: 08.08.2023

Transport cost for Azerbaijan – 275 Euro (this cost is considered to be spent for economical and environmental tickets. It is not for personal use!)

NOTE: 100% of the accommodation, food and transportation during the project will be covered with the support of Erasmus+.

How to apply: Please read all information clearly before filling out the application.

Please read more about the project in the info pack.

The project:

Health is the driver of human life. A healthy person has physical and mental well-being, quality of life, high levels of productivity and the will to pursue their goals. In general, being healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the steps to prevent the onset of various diseases. Therefore, as health is one of the pillars of human life, it is extremely important to inform the population, especially the younger ones, about healthy consumption habits, as well as about their health rights.

Specific Objectives:

– Increased capacity of individuals to make informed and conscious decisions on health and well-being.

– Health promotion and disease prevention: by learning about their rights, individuals will have the opportunity to learn about existing prevention programmes (vaccination, physical activity, etc.).
-Increased sense of responsibility on the part of health professionals and entities. A more informed population demands higher quality, efficiency and effectiveness from health services.

Reducing inequalities in access to quality healthcare.

Participants profile

Participants are expected to:

– be aged 18 and above

– have a good level of English

– be experienced in working with young people;

– be interested to work in health topics;

– be highly motivated in participating in all phases of the project.