Partner organization from Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Participants per country: 3  participants 

Erasmus+ TC – 22-31 October in the Czech Republic

Deadline – 3 July 2023 | 23:59 (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email)

Transport cost for Azerbaijan – 330 Euro (this cost is considered to be spent for economical and environmental tickets. It is not for personal use!)

NOTE: 100% of the accommodation, food and transportation during the project will be covered with the support of Erasmus+. 

How to apply: Please read all information clearly before filling out the application

Please read more about the project in the info pack

The project:

Solve It! is a one-stage Erasmus+ project that aims at project and crisis management skills that will help youth workers and educators to be more active and confident in the field of youth work. The project is based on non-formal education, sharing of good practices, and peer-to-peer learning. The idea of this project was inspired by our past projects. And through this training course, we want to offer participants a space for learning and sharing their experiences. In Solve It! we aim to bring knowledge and skills to youth workers and young people who would like to or are actively working in the field of youth.

So let’s work together to help them achieve their full potential!

Specific Objectives:

1) Informing and training participants about problem-solving and crisis management, with the aim of raising the quality of their work with youth and building a safer environment in Erasmus+ projects for youth.

2) To develop problem-solving skills among trainers and workers with youth participating in the training course in order to build resilience in case of a crisis situation, and therefore better their satisfaction in their job and prevent professional burnout.

3) To identify and address the challenges that our participants might face in their work with youth – including (cyber)bullying, sexual harassment, and cultural misunderstandings and arguments.

4) To create space for sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences and good practices in order to develop a communication plan to resolve different potential situations.

5) To connect a group of workers with youth and build an international community specialized in resolving problems occurring during work with youth.

Participants profile

Participants are expected to have the following profile:
-Someone who is working directly with youth such as youth workers, counsellors, trainers, etc.

-Someone who has a good understanding of the diverse challenges which could happen while working with youth.

-Someone who is willing to get inspired by youth work methodologies and tools of different types of management and tries to apply them to their context.

-Someone willing to challenge themselves and take further initiative.

-Someone empathetic who is prepared to work on heavy topics and afterwards uses their knowledge to make Erasmus+ training courses a safe and healthy environment.

-Youth workers planning to launch, develop, or scale-up international youth projects and follow-up activities.

-Someone who is eager to be involved in this project and participate actively and be willing and open to contribute to mutual work.

-Participants will be selected independently of their race, colour, sexual orientation, gender, disability, political orientation, and beyond.

-We would like to invite people interested in this topic with a communicative level of English. The minimum age is 18 years old. The applicant should be someone associated with a sending organization, a volunteer, or a person whose studies are associated with the topic of the project.

-The applicant doesn’t have to have experience but has to be interested in the topic and be supported by the sending organization to proceed with dissemination after the project.