Erasmus+ Training course in Sievershausen, Germany

Partner organization from Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Participants per country: 2 participants aged at least 18 years

Project period: 23–29th of October 2021

How to apply? – Fill the APPLICATION FORM. Please read all information clearly before filling the application 

Deadline: 31 August 2021 | 23:59 (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email)

NOTE: 100% of the accommodation, food, and transportation will be covered with the support of Erasmus+ programme

Aim of the project:

The training will enable participants to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies and prepare them for applying methods related to theatre pedagogy during peace education activities. 

It will include several modules:

  • The logic of peace – An interactive training workshop providing insight in using peace as an education concept (run by Trainer and Expert in Peace Education and Conflict Resolution)
  • Challenges for peace in the EU and in the world – You, the Participants will provide input on topics, which are highly relevant to you, your organization, and society. The group will discuss the issues presented and together you will choose topics you would like to work on by means of a theatre or music performance.
  • Theatre and Music performances as a way to promote peace – You will undergo a training workshop for youth workers run by a theatre pedagogue and trainer on peace education.
  • Hands-on performing peace – You will work in groups to elaborate and prepare theatre performances and you will then present them to an audience of people or in public.
  • Our peace promotion laboratory – Inspired by this wonderful experience you will generate ideas and discuss proposals for concrete activities in which you will make use of the methodology learned during this training.  It will be your task to present an activity to your Sending Organisation and if possible to be part of the preparation process with the aim to carry out a similar “performing peace” activity in your country in summer 2020 or 2021.
  • Evaluating the learning experience and getting recognition – the experience is first evaluated individually by all participants or in pairs. In the next step, you will evaluate together with the facilitators in comparison to the learning objectives. Finally, you will be invited to include the competencies you have acquired in your official certificate: the Youth Pass. 


  • To promote peace and international friendship in our societies and further develop the methodology used in our non-formal peace learning activities.
  • To train youth workers on theatre pedagogy and peace education.
  • To learn about developments and threats to peace in their countries and find ways to cooperate with each other in order to reach out to a wider community.
  • To tackle issues such as increasing nationalism, hate speech, xenophobia and racism especially among young people.
  • To motivate and empower young people to take a more active stand against right-wing propaganda, discrimination against Muslims and human rights violations against refugees and migrants.
  • To get to know the situation of peace work in Sievershausen and prepare a theatre performance for the local community.

Who does fit this project? You do if:

  • You have experience in running non-formal youth learning or political education activities
  • You have intermediate English skills
  • You are interested in the field of peace and conflict resolution + theatre pedagogy
  • You embrace  the idea of promoting peace and international friendship among young people