Location: Lodes parish, Rujienas region, Latvia

Project name: Work with seniors in Lode, 12 month

Hosting organization: Sociālās aprūpes centrs “Lode”

Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Purpose of the project: Volunteers will take work in the small village “Lode”, in a senior care center. Their responsibility will be to help seniors in workshops which gives the opportunity to learn various handicrafts and other basic skills. In summers, there is an opportunity to improve gardening skills. The workshop provides the basis of social integration as much as possible more successfully. The center has developed good cooperation with the Lode Parish Administrations manager/cultural worker who provides an opportunity to attend events organized by the parish and participate in various activities – concerts, theater performances, exhibitions, workshops.

Number of volunteers: 1 volunteer between 18-30 years old (Only Azerbaijani citizenship)

Project period – 01/07/2021 to 30/06/2022 (1 year)

Deadline: 31st May 2021

How to apply? – Please get registration number, and apply through European Youth Portal (click the link)

How to get a registration number? – If you don’t have account on European Youth Portal, please watch our instruction videos from this Link

All costs are covered by European Solidarity Corps

No participation fee! 

Language: English

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

Living for EVS: Address: Upes street 9/11, Rujiena, Latvia, LV-4240, Multifunctional youth initiative center, phone +371 25450585. Accommodation is located on the 3rd floor. Keep safe keys from building outside doors, youth centre door and private room. Outside door should always be locked. Room is for two people. Kitchen, WC, shower, laundry and living area is open for all hostel guests. Room is equipped with a bed, table, chair, wardrobe, towel, sheets, blanket, and pillow. Kitchen – stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, dishes, toaster. Laundry – washing machine.

Application conditions and requirements for volunteering:

Volunteers who like to help seniors to spend free time with different activities, do social activities, create events together with a team.