Long term volunteering project in Poland!

Location: Kwidzyn, Poland

Hosting organization: Akwedukt Association

Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Purpose of the project: Our 12 months ESC programs allow young people to experience living abroad whilst learning and contributing to a world, with support from the European Solidarity Corps programme. This is a great opportunity to join meaningful work and learning while your food, accommodation, travelling, pocket money, insurance and mentorship are covered. The main missions for the volunteer will be: Educational and pedagogical activities plus promoting non-formal education methods, European cultural openness and various forms of cultural education, Joint project with the 16 volunteers in the 8 different hosting places.

Number of volunteers: 1 volunteer between 18-30 years old (Only Azerbaijani citizenship)

Project period  – 01/10/2021 to 01/10/2021 (1 year)

Deadline: No application deadline

How to apply? – Please fill out the Application form and send with your CV to: marta@akwedukt.org.pl 

All costs are covered by ESC

 No participation fee! 

Language: English

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

The volunteer will work full time with the team of the Hosting Organization from Monday to Friday, on a minimum 32-hour week basis. They might be asked to take part in evening gatherings with the students and locals. From time to time, the volunteer will have the opportunity to work in associated schools, kindergartens and local institutions with the other ESC volunteers in order to build common projects and events. Every flat consists of 2-3 rooms; kitchen and bathroom are shared. Important – volunteers are sharing rooms (2 people in the room). Possible to share a flat with mixed gender. Every flat has an internet connection, flats are free for volunteers, our organization is paying the rental and common costs like electricity, water, heating, garbage, internet.

Application conditions and requirements for volunteering:

We are looking for motivated candidates with a proactive, creative and problem-solving attitude, at least basic knowledge of English and organisational skills. A creative person who enjoys speaking in front of a crowd and who is motivated to develop events and activities that strengthen the integration between polish and international students, kids, youngsters. Ready to work with people of different ages, not scared of daily routine.

For detailed information about the project, please click on InfoPack.