Long term ESC project in Slovenia!

Location: Brezice, Slovenia

Project’s name: ClimeART

Hosting Organization: ZPTM Brežice

Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Purpose of the project: Working as a volunteer in our Centre is a good learning opportunity for young people. The main aim of this project is to face the environmental problems of this region work locally for global impact and take advantages of historical features and presenting them to the general public in order to learn about the originals of the intangible cultural heritage of this region. We will connect new product in the correlation and cooperation with actors who have knowledge of historical events in the region. The aim of this project is to encourage the volunteers and the local youth to reflect on the role they play in society and how they can contribute to improving it. Within the project we will also focused on promoting volunteerism (especially ESC) and active participation and citizenship among youth in the regions.

Number of volunteers: 1 volunteer between 18-30 years old (Only Azerbaijani citizenship)

Project period  – 04/05/2020 to 03/05/2021 (1 year)

Deadline: 28th February 2020

How to apply? – Please send your CV and Motivation letter to: mitja.zajc@mc-brezice.si 

All costs are covered by ESC

 No participation fee! 

Language: English

Application conditions and requirements for volunteering: We’re looking for 2 volunteers that are interested in cultural heritage have some backgrounds in art, but it is not obligated. It is also desirable if they want to work with youngsters, to empower young people for active participation and are eager to learn and to get new experiences. We expect open minded, creative and highly motivated young people. We would like to host volunteers who have their own ideas to develop our project, which may have a specialized interest in arts & crafts, theatre, multimedia and are fluent in English. We would like to include youngsters with fewer opportunities.

For detailed information about the project please click on Here