Long term ESC project in Estonia!

Location: Tartu, Estonia

Project name: Tartu European Capital of Culture 2024

Hosting organization: Tartu 2024 foundation

Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Purpose of the project: If you’re interested in cultural management, different communities and meaningfully engaging them, and you’ve thought about how culture and the arts can deal with issues of the environment, mental health and other vital topics, then you are invited to join the Tartu 2024 team as a volunteer. You will be working with one of a local minority or social group, learning about their preferences and cultural needs. Based on the “fieldwork” you will prepare a cultural event and promote and execute it together with members of the community. What will you gain? Cultural management experiences; Experiences of engaging various target groups; Opportunity to work with local cultural operators and managers close together and be involved of preparation of the major international cultural project – European Capital of Culture; Immersion in the tiny but fantastic culture of Estonia. Further information: http://tartu2024.ee/news/open-call-for-volunteer

Number of volunteers: 1 volunteer between 18-30 years old (Only Azerbaijani citizenship)

Project period  – 01/02/2020 to 31/12/2020 (11 months)

Deadline: 15th January 2020

How to apply? – Please get registration number and apply through YOUTH PORTAL

All costs are covered by ESC

 No participation fee! 

Language: English

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements:

You will be living in a private room in a shared apartment. Kitchen, toilets etc will be shared. The apartment will have the usual amenities, furniture, dishes etc. You will be provided with a monthly allowance for food and living expenses of around 320 euros. Tartu is a relatively small city, so most locations are within walking distance. There is also a good public bus service and a city-wide bicycle rental system. Getting around will be easy!

Application conditions and requirements for volunteering:

You should to apply if you want to engage a local minority group that doesn’t participate actively in the city’s cultural life and work on creating new possibilities for them. You should be thrilled to work with different people, and who is empathic and creative. It would be best if you were interested in broader issues related to art and culture. Our project will require you to collaborate closely with an art school, Tartu Nature House and the entire team of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 foundation. You and other volunteers will brainstorm joint activities and carry them out.