Erasmus+ Training Course

1st stage: Vadul Lui Voda, Moldova

2nd stage: Kyiv, Ukraine

IMPORTANT! The selected candidates will be required to participate in both stages! Therefore, before applying, please, take into account your availability again.

Project dates:

1st stage: 04-12 November 2019

2nd stage: February 2019 (exact dates will be informed)

Partner organization form Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Participants per country: 2 participants aged between 18 and 29

How to apply? – Fill the APPLICATION FORM

Please read all information clearly before filling the application 

Deadline: 20 July 2019 | 23:59 (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email until 23 July 2019 for Skype interview.)

NOTE: 100% of accommodation, food and transportation will be covered with the support of Erasmus+. Additionally, the 20 euro participation fee will be charged within the project. Travel cost limit for Azerbaijan is 275 EUR per person.


EU countries and its Eastern partners are being challenged by cuts of individual and collective rights in the last years, by a rise of ultra-nationalist and social and political anti-EU movements. The threats to human rights and the populist ultra-nationalist uprising differ on its intensity from country to country but are happening nowadays at an increasing speed. Most of the EU countries that have partly recovered from the economic crisis in the last years didn’t amend the social cuts, endangering the access to basic rights, such as housing, public health services and higher education.


  • To strengthen the understanding of youth empowerment as a tool for social transformation in youth CSOs
  • To increase the use of systematic and long-term approaches to social transformation in youth CSOs
  • To exchange good practices for youth empowerment work and social transformation among the participating organizations
  • To establish transnational links between CSOs in the youth sector and translate them into
    project-based partnership for needs-based social transformation

The participants should have the following profile: to be very motivated

  • youth workers, young community leaders and members of the partner organizations
  • basic knowledge of the role of youth work in processes of social transformation
  • experience working with young people, preferably with youngsters with fewer opportunities
  • knowledge of the situation of young people in their own country
  • motivation to take part in a mutual learning process in a very intercultural setting
  • work experience as a coordinator and/or leader in a youth CSO,
  • involved in management and planning processes within a CSO, a social initiative or a youth movement
  • good level of English to follow the course and to contribute to it,
  • wish and ability to participate fully in the event.
    European volunteers under the EVS programme are NOT allowed to participate.