Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Project dates: 15-23 July 2019

Partner organization form Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Participants per country: 4 participants + 1 group leader aged between 18 and 30

How to apply? – Fill the APPLICATION FORM Please read all information clearly before filling the application

Deadline: 01 July 2019 | 23:59 (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email till 4 July 2019 for Skype interview.)

NOTE: 100% of accommodation, food and transportation will be covered with the support of Erasmus+. Travel cost limit for Azerbaijan is 180 EUR per person.


RESOLVE: Play through Understanding, Play for Change (RESOLVE: Play), is a Youth Development mobility programme, which aims to use the power of reconciliation tools such as Sport for Peace, Simulation Games and People-to-People Dialogue and ‘Play’ learning methods to resolve local and community conflict which especially affect young people in the partnership countries. 

In the situation of the current world of the post-refugee crisis in Europe caused by the conflicts around the world there is a need to work on the assistance measures and mechanisms. The communities hosting refugees and IDPs, particularly when the numbers are large, clearly experience economic, social and political consequences for doing so. Community and public services are strained. Governments of countries hosting large numbers of refugees may fear that they will cause political problems, stir up ethnic grievances, and cause long-term economic and environmental damage. 

RESOLVE: Play aims to create a network of young Peacebuilders from Azerbaijan, UK, Croatia, Ukraine, Sweden, Armenia, Georgia. The thematic focus of the project will be made on migration issues and problems related to integration in our target societies.


  • To develop awareness about personal concepts and believes one has about minorities and challenges related to integration.
  • To identify the root causes and working mechanisms which can help prevent prejudices and social exclusion towards refugees/IDPs;
  • To provide a safe space for people to engage in dialogue and promote principles of tolerance and mutual understanding;
  • To help participants develop new skills and competencies, in the facilitation of innovative methods such as labyrinth Theatre and Forum Theatre;
  • To multiply gained knowledge, attitudes and competencies in the local communities of the participants;
  • To create an Online Library for disseminating project toolkit and for publishing projects outputs (such as promotional video of the program and various learning materials created within the project.);
  • Reconciliation Network for young Peacebuilders.

The target group of our activity is young people who work in their own communities as future Community leaders and Peacebuilders. The participants should be actively involved in the development of the networks and ready to implement common actions on the local and international level. Taking into account the specifics of the topic of the seminar, it will be important to invite people with refugee and/or IDP backgrounds as participants, also young leaders with practical experience in youth work, activism, promoting human rights, dialogue and integration.