Erasmus+ Traning Course

Location: Racha, Georgia

Project dates: 03-14 July 2019

Partner organization form Azerbaijan: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

Participants per country: 3 participants aged over 20

How to apply? – Fill the APPLICATION FORM Please read all information clearly before filling the application 

Deadline: 13 June 2019 | 23:59 (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by email till 16 June 2019 for Skype interview.)

NOTE: 100% of accommodation, food and transportation will be covered with the support of Erasmus+. Travel cost limit for Azerbaijan is 180 EUR per person. By host organization 20 EUR will be taken as participation fee. The fee will cover the cost of local transportation


“Healthy body for a Healthy mind” is a one-stage project, from the 3rd to the 14th of July 2019, that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among youth workers, trainers and leaders coming from the EU and EECA region. The program aims to foster youth worker’s competencies in planning and implementing outdoor activities related to good practices of a healthy lifestyle. The training course is based on non-formal education principles and will be prepared by qualified trainers, to share a maximum of their experience in that field, in order to help Participants to use gained knowledge and practical skills in activities, which will be helping throughout the project. During the TC youth workers will be challenged to experiencing several outdoor activities that can be inspiring for their future commitments: they’ll learn how to use outdoor opportunities to improve their health, to enhance their knowledge of healthy lifestyles.


  • To raise awareness about outdoor health-promoting activities and healthy lifestyle;
  • To give participants the opportunity to experience the benefits of outdoor activities and see the results on their health by themselves; 
  • To put participants in a natural environment where they can gain knowledge of local culture and share their own at the same time; 
  • To give participants the opportunity to practice outdoor activities and use open space for creativity and self-development;
  • To empower youth workers and trainers to cover this topic in their target group;
  • Creating meaningful youth networks;
  • Sharing experiences in the field of health and outdoor activities: personally and professionally

Be aware: During 12 days* stay in Racha mountain range youth workers will:

  • Be settled in camping site Racha, north-western Georgia: the site will be equipped with kitchen,   cold and warm water, electricity, waterproof tents;
  • Be able to experience hiking in reality;
  • Be changing environment rapidly and move from one village to another;
  • Have to carry their essential gear, and tents during 2-day hikes;
  • Walk no longer than 7 hours per day: is advice to be ready to sustain no more than 17 km distance per day on mixed terrain: from forests to alpine landscape with varying high altitude from 1000 up to 3000 m. a.s.l;
  • Not be able to take a hot shower or no shower at all, There will river and outdoor conditions. please 

Our ideal participants are

  • Educated and/or employed in the field of youth work;
  • Experienced in outdoor/scout methods;
  • Healthy enough to participate in the activities;
  • Somehow skilled in outdoor/scout methods;
  • Eager to work on the promotion of healthy lifestyle and outdoor interaction;
  • Constantly improving their level of lifestyle and increasing their competencies in outdoor activities and projects;
  • Able to communicate in an intermediate level of English;
  • At least 20 years old