Short-term EVS project in Turkey!
Project name: Here I am 
Location: Sinop, Turkey

Hosting Organization – Eğitim Programları ve Evrensel ve Kültürel Aktiviteler Derneği \
Sending organization: “Common Sense” Youth Organization | 

Purpose of project: The project aims to help inclusion of the disabled people in the society by empowering their cognitive, behavioral and personal developments with volunteering work.
Duration: from 15 April to 12 June 2019 ( 2 months) 
Number of volunteers: 1 volunteer (Only Azerbaijani citizenship)
Deadline: 28 March 2018 

All costs cover by host organization

 No participation fee! 

How to apply? – Please fill the APPLICATION and upload your CV. Our coordinator will contact you by email for the next stage.

Language: Turkish, English (English not obligatory)

Tasks and Responsibilities of the Volunteer

The volunteer will work in the rehabilitation center and in the gym with the physically and mentally disabled people five days a week. The volunteer will organize fun time activities with disabled people such as art, music, sports, drama, dance, handicrafts, games, etc. At the end of the activity, we expect the disabled person to have at least one new skill. We also expect the volunteer to document the new skill she/he provided for the disabled person with film, photos, power point, etc. We also ask the volunteer to develop a tool to provide the new skill in order to be online in SALTO-Toolbox for Trainings as a solid outcome of the project.

The volunteer will have the basic information of SEN methodology to provide a new skill for the disabled people. The volunteer will also have some competences on intercultural competences in the mentor meetings. The volunteer will organize a cultural night to present her/his culture with food, drinks, music, dance, film, etc. to the people we will invite including the press. The coordinating organization may ask the volunteer to participate in their fundraising, raising awareness activities and tea parties, etc. once or twice during their activity period. At the end of the activity, the volunteer will get a Youthpass certificate.

Working Hours: 09:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 17:00 are working hours. Between 12:00 and 13:00 is the lunch break. There will be 15-minute breaks every hour for the activities in the rehabilitation center.

Practicalities: The volunteer will live in a furnished flat with the other volunteers who are here for the other project activities. The volunteer will have her/his own room but share the kitchen and bathroom. There is furniture, wi-fi, hot water, kitchen tools, iron etc. There are bed sheets as well. But there is no hairdryer and towels. There are several centers for disabled people. We will organize the center before the volunteer starts. To get to any of the centers, the volunteer will take the bus (2 Liras: around 30 cents). As for the sports activity, there are several gyms in the town. The farthest one is 10km away. The volunteer will take the bus to get there too.

Financing of the project: The volunteer will get 244€ (122€ per month) for individual support and 256€ (128 per month) for food. So total, we will give our volunteer 500€ (250 per month) in cash to survive in Sinop, Turkey for 59+2 (travel days) 61 days. We will reimburse the travel upto the maximum amount shown in the table on page 11. The volunteer will not pay for the rent or the heating but has to pay for electricity, water and gas. There will be 2 free wi-fi that volunteers can use. The volunteer has to use the house carefully and neatly. The volunteer will be responsible for the damage and cleaning of the house. We will ask the volunteer to clean the house when leaving. If there is any damage caused by the volunteer, the volunteer will pay for the repairmen.