EVS project in France!

Location: Cournon d’Auvergne, France

Name of project: “Open the European window for Youth in Cournon!”

Hosting Organization – Mairie de Cournon

Coordinating Organization- Concordia Auvergne

Purpose of project: The main role of the volunteer will be to bring a European and intercultural opening to the actions of the Educational Department and its partners, particularly the schools and the local Municipal Animation Center.

Number of volunteers: 1 Volunteer at the age of 18-30

Duration of project: From 01/09/2018 to 31/08/2019 (12 months)

Deadline: April 11, 2018

How to apply? – Fill the application below

Sending Organization: Common Sense Youth Organization

You will need sending organisation information when you will fill the form.

Name: “Common Sense” Youth Organization

EVS Reference number: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-017900

PIC: 947847141

EVS Contact person: Ramiz Aliyev

E-mail: evs@csyo-az.org

Phone number: +994503217290

Address: 5th micro-district, Sumqayıt Youth House,

Postcode: AZ5007

City: Sumgait city,

Country: Azerbaijan

Website: www.csyo-az.org

All costs cover by Erasmus+.

No participation fee!

Language: English

Working Hours: The volunteer will work from Monday to Friday, approx. 20 hours per week, but will have to work more during the holidays approx. 50 hours per week and will be supposed to attend staff meetings on Saturdays sometimes. He/She will also work on evenings from times to times. The volunteer will have 2 days of holidays per month. (to take according to his/her needs and in accordance with the host organization)

Application conditions and requirements for volunteering;

  1. Adaptability;
  2. Good communication and presentation skills;
  3. Flexibility and ability to communicate with different audiences;
  4. Experience with children (work with children, taking care of them)
  5. Good level of French, to facilitate the communication with the children.
  6. Interest in developing pedagogical activities

Working and living conditions: Accommodation will be provided. The volunteer will live with another EVS volunteer. The flat has three rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom, so the volunteer will have his/her own room. The flat is well equipped and furnished to ensure a comfortable stay. This accommodation is located in the center of the city: train station, bus station, and historical area of Clermont-Ferrand are just 10 minutes away by walking. The accommodation, house services and Internet fees are 100% covered by Concordia. The volunteer will get financial support (for food): 7,50 € per day, as well as pocket money: 5€ per day. The travel costs will be covered based on the unit costs of the Erasmus + program, as there is maximum amount of reimbursement. Internet access will be available. The volunteer will use local transport (bus) to go from Clermont-Ferrand to Cournon.