Location: León Spain

Name of project: YOUth for YOUrope

Hosting Organization: AEGEE-León (European Students’ Forum)

Purpose of project : Youth Participation. European awareness & Active Citizenship.

Number of volunteers: 1 volunteer at the age of 18-30

Duration of project: 10 months (from 1st September 2018 till 30th June 2019)

Deadline: 8th of April.

How to apply?

Send us email TO: evsaegeeleon+oc@gmail.com, CC: evs@csyo-az.org and include in attachment:

  • CV in Europass format
  • Motivation letter
  • Name and Reference number of your Sending Organization:

“Common Sense” Youth Organization

Address: 5th micro-district, Sumqayıt Youth House, Sumgait city, Azerbaijan AZ5007

PIC number: 947847141 | Accreditation (EI) number: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-017900

Contact Person: Ramiz Aliyev | GSM: +994503217290 | Email: EVS@csyo-az.org

All costs cover by Erasmus+.

No participation fee!

Language: English, Spain

Voluntary operation time and project activities: Main duties for the Volunteer:

  • To collaborate in office daily tasks of our association:
  • Public attention to Erasmus Students and local members.
  • Reservations for trips, cultural entrances, sport courts, etc.
  • Answering phone calls.
  • Check association related e-mails.
  • Manage public social network of our association.
  • To work closely with the Erasmus Team of AEGEE-León.
  • To collaborate and organize a weekly language exchange meeting.
  • To help us in the maintenance of the Volunteering Office, giving information services to the ones who are interested on EVS and other mobility projects.

Other duties for the volunteers:

  • To help updating and translating our webpage and Blog in English, Spanish and his/her mother tongue.
  • To help in the organization of youth fairs: setting up stages, posters, media, etc.
  • To work with other AEGEE members in Local and European level, participating in working groups and activities.
  • To promote the involvement of young people in mobility projects.
  • To help the Board actively to achieve their goals.
  • To develop a personal project in our association.
  • Service: 35 hours/week (2 days off per week); Holidays: 2 days per month (maximum 20 days for the whole project).
  • Application conditions and requirements for volunteering To be able to communicate in English & Spanish language (at least B1 level) (Official accreditation is not needed, Skype meeting is enough)
  • Proficient user in computer programs like Gmail, Drive, Word, Excel, Photoshop, video editing (or similar), etc.
  • Youngster ready for respecting rules and following a scheduled program.

Financing of project: Fully covered by hosting organization. Volunteers will live in a rented flat with shared kitchen. A monthly food allowance is provided. Shared flat with other youngsters, private room. Money allowance for preparing their own food. No need transport to get the EVS placement 150€/month (pocket money)